Autumn 2006

By Victoria Foote
The province’s record on the boreal forest; urban sprawl plays leapfrog; First Nations ask for mining moratorium.
With much patience and fortitude, Kathy Nihei of the Wild Bird Care Centre has nursed countless avian casualties back from the brink. By Moira Farr
A guide to Ontario’s rarest trees. By Lorraine Johnson

Free workshops for landowners; Leading Edge conference; a generous donation for nature reserves.

THE 3,000-MILE SALAD Southern Ontario contains some of the country’s richest soil. So why are we awash in imports? By Linda Pim

Ontario’s agricultural landscape is shifting. Are big box greenhouses signaling the end of the traditional farm? By Ray Ford
There are lots of great reasons why city farming is so popular: fresh produce, the conservation of soil, water and air. And you can’t beat the travel time. By Allan Britnell
A new agricultural incentive may be key to saving wildlife habitat: paying farmers not to grow. By D’Arcy Jenish

Food’s nutritional countdown. By Sharon Oosthoek

Winners of Ontario Nature’s first writing contest for kids

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