Letters – Re: “Killer weed”

PhragmitesRe:Killer weed.”

Good afternoon.

I read this article with interest. As a former guided hike leader with Rouge Park, I often pointed out the large stands of this plant throughout the park as an example of an invasive plant.

However, the article itself points out the solution: phragmites can thrive in salt water; our native cat tails and other wetland plants cannot.

We must drastically reduce our reliance on salt for winter safety because this salt is making its way into our waterways and creating an environment that favours the success of this invasive plant. Just yesterday I heard on the radio that scientists have measured salt concentrations equivalent to sea water in waterways adjacent to Ontario highways! That is extremely disheartening news.

Municipalities and provincial agencies must work together to set new standards that limit the use of salt, and begin relying more on sand and other alternatives to keep roads and sidewalks safe in the winter.

Thank you for such an interesting magazine.

Karen Heisz,

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