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SUMMER 2017 preview

Light pollution, Credit: Robert Snache; BY CC 2.0

Blinded by the light
Artificial light has a powerful effect on the natural world, altering everything from animal reproduction to navigation. A visit to a dark sky reserve underscores the ecological impact of light pollution.
By Ray Ford

Little brown bats, Credit: Noah Cole

Going batty
Ontario’s bat species are facing significant threats, but a community of citizen scientists has rallied to their aid.We profile the dedicated community of the Neighbourhood Bat Watch.
By Allan Britnell

Exploring G. G. Newton Nature Reserve, Credit: Rachel White

This land is our land
The federal government has set a target of protecting 17 percent of Canada’s land from development, but Ontario is lagging far behind. Here is the roadmap to reach that goal.
By Conor Mihell

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