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FALL 2017 preview

Little brown bats, Credit: Noah Cole

Going batty
Ontario’s bats are facing significant threats, but a community of citizen scientists has rallied to their aid. Learn how nature lovers from all backgrounds can help these nocturnal creatures.
By Allan Britnell

eastern coyote, Credit: Eric Kilby CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Coyote ugly?
Are coyotes really behind the deaths of domestic animals that have people up in arms? Or is that blame misplaced? A look at our uneasy relationship with this wild canine.
By Mary Baxter

Carden alvar, Credit: Noah Cole

Mining for the future
At the Carden Alvar, an effort is under way to mine for stone and gravel while conserving biodiversity. Will the aggregates industry embrace this new approach?
By Ray Ford

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