Winter 2009

Contents - Winter 2009

This Issue: The big picture
Working toward a solution to climate change. By Caroline Schultz
Message board
Earth Watch
Forests get sprayed; quarry along Lake Superior shoreline gets the go-ahead; invasive species in the Great Lakes tributaries; Ontario Nature expands its Lost Bay nature reserve.
A once familiar urban dweller, Ontario’s latest official bird at risk is in free fall and global warming may be the key cause By Tim Tiner
In House
Hundreds of participants attend Ontario Nature’s Conservation Fair; five member groups celebrate 25 years of conservation.
Last word
The green energy act isn’t so green when wind farms threaten sensitive habitat and wildlife By Douglas Hunter
The new world order
Every corner of the province could be profoundly altered by climate change. How will plants and animals feel the impact of rising temperatures? Some may benefit from a greater range of habitat while others may become locally extinct. By Allan Britnell

Power struggles
Climate change demands that we develop alternative sources of renewable energy. Queen’s Park is pushing hard to increase the use of biomass – fuel from crops, grasses and wood pellets. But even green power comes with an environmental price tag. By John Lorinc

Farming for the future
More heat may increase food production. It might also accelerate plant diseases, spoilage and soil erosion. How can farmers prepare for global warming? By Ray Ford

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