5 | View from Locke House
FON celebrates 70 years. By Nancy Clark

6 | Earthwatch
Simcoe ANSIs under threat; Presqu’ile to phase out duck hunt; road contruction stalled

14 | Nature Network
News from member organizations

15 | Letters
The OMB, ATVs and our anti-hunting bias

18 | This Season  
Eight woodland defenders who make a difference. By Dan Cremin and Victoria Foote

51 | Insider
Behind the scenes at FON.

54 | Endpoint
How developers sell sprawl. By Gord Perks


24 | The lost forest
Picture yourself in southern Ontario before the Europeans settled. This is what you’ld see. By Phil Jenkins

30 | Spring in Thickson’s Woods
A guided tour of this favourite birder’s haunt. By Margaret Carney

34 | Field guide to extinct animals
As the forest disappeared in southern Ontario, so did the animals. By Tim Tiner

38 | Au naturel
Native plant and ecological gardening essentials. By William Gilpin

32 | Why we should do something
Fragmented woodlands do not meet the needs of most species. By Andy Kinney and Helena Rusak

On the cover: This photo of stumps and sand dunes, where once a forest stood, was taken in Norfolk County between 1906 and 1912. Woodland stories start on page 24.