Blanding’s turtle, credit: Tracy Parker

reptile_iconThreatened Provincially and Nationally


• Medium-sized turtle that can reach 27 centimetres
• Bright yellow throat, chin and belly; rounded black and brown shell with yellow flecks and streaks; head and limbs are black-grey
• Can survive in the wild for more than 75 years


• In Canada, separated into Great Lakes – St. Lawrence population and Nova Scotia population
• Can be found throughout southern, central and eastern Ontario and as far north as Sudbury


• Habitat loss
• Vehicle collisions
• Illegal collection for pet trade


• Provincially protected under the Endangered Species Act, 2007
• Federally protected under the Species at Risk Act, 2002


About 20 percent of the global range of the Blanding’s turtle is in Canada, mainly in Ontario.