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Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID

machinery and human impact VS nature

I just read Victor Doyle’s opinion piece on “Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID” (page 38, ON Nature, Fall 2020) and found it important and revealing. I am former land use planner myself. Although a short piece, it’s clear that he has revealed what many of us either knew, or suspected – that the current COVID-19 crisis presents a “public distraction” […]

ON Nature Magazine Summer 2010

ON Nature Magazine Summer 2010

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This IssueHOW MUCH FOR THAT ECOSYSTEM? A cost-benefit analysis of biodiversity.By Caroline Schultz 8 | Earth WatchOntario Nature’s Biodiversity Watchlist; more reasons to go outside; the vine at ate the South; raising a stink in farm country. 8 | Bird WatchWHIP-POOR-WILL; Researchers are turning to new survey methods to help save a […]

Spider Guide

Online Spider Guide banner by Ontario Nature

Spiders live among us in almost every conceivable habitat. Their ecological role, one that benefits us, is as the ultimate predators of insects. They pursue this role with instinctive dedication. More than 800 species of spiders in Ontario, very few of which are dangerous to people, yet almost a third of Canadians are afraid of spiders. Learning about these creatures helps mitigate that fear.

Spiders play a key role in the food web and are an important food source for other animals including songbirds, fish and salamanders. In Ontario, the best time for observing spiders is from late spring to early fall.