Xysticus sp.

Xysticus sp, Credit: Dan Schneider

goldenrod_crab_spider_dan_schneider_2_v7Description: These are small to medium crab spiders. Female 4 to 9 millimetres, male 3 to 7 millimetres. This group of crab spiders ranges from grey to brown in colour, and includes several species in our area.

Habitat: May be on the ground or up in plants, waiting patiently to ambush prey, but is less often on blossoms than the goldenrod or white-banded crab spider.

Ground Crab Spider (Xysticus spp.), Credit: Tom Murray CC BY-NC-ND 1.0

Ground Crab Spider (Xysticus sp.), Credit: Tom Murray CC BY-NC-ND 1.0

Ground crab spider sp., Credit: Peter Ferguson

Ground crab spider (Xysticus sp.), Credit: Peter Ferguson












Range: Some species range across southern Canada

Seasonality: Mid-spring to mid-fall

Trivia: The ambush technique and potent venom of crab spiders allow them to attack and subdue insects much larger than themselves, including wasps and bees.