little brown myotis, photo credit: J.N. Stuart CC BY-ND-NC 2.0

Endangered Provincially and Nationally


• Glossy brown fur
• Can be four to five centimetres long,  weighing four to 11 grams, with wingspan
of 22 to 27 centimetres
• Closely resembles northern myotis but distinguished by long, thin fleshy projection with rounded tip at opening of ears
• Hibernates from September / October, until April / June
• Nocturnal, most active during first three hours after sunset


• Found across Canada (except Nunavut) and most of the United States
• Widespread in southern Ontario, and found as far north as Moose Factory and Favourable Lake


• Fungal disease called white nose syndrome
• Wind turbines
• Habitat loss


• Provincially protected under the Endangered Species Act, 2007
• Federally protected under the Species at Risk Act, 2002


White Nose Syndrome has had devastating impacts on Little Brown Myotis populations across North America