Mammals – Northern Species At Risk

MammalsAmerican Badger
(Taxidea taxus jacksoni)



(Delphinapterus leucas)




Eastern_Cougar_attribute_noncommercial_noderivations_Art_G_CC_BY-NC-ND_2_thumbnail Eastern Cougar (Mountain Lion)
(Puma concolor)




Eastern wolf Georgian Bay John Hassell_thumbnailEastern Wolf
(Canis lupus lycaon)




Gray Fox
(Urocyon cinereoargenteus)




Little Brown Myotis
(Myotis lucifugus)




northern long-eared bat, <a href=Northern Myotis
(Myotis septentrionalis)





Polar Bear
(Ursus maritimus)




(Gulo gulo)




Woodland_Caribou_Ontario_Nature_thumbnailWoodland Caribou
(Rangifer tarandus caribou)





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