ruby-throated hummingbird and cardinal flower, <a href=prescription Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, credit: Robert and Pat Rogers two-lined_salamander, <a href= Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, credit: Dave Huth”
river, Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, credit: Michael Zimmer star fungi, Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, credit: Ali


Set in its rolling countryside, this mature sugar maple woodland is noted for its fine display of fall colour. The uplands also support eastern hemlock, white cedar, yellow birch, bur oak, basswood, green ash, and a number of southern plants. In damper areas white cedar swamps and wet thickets are found. The rich hardwoods harbor a great diversity of species, including scarlet tanager, black maple, and zigzag goldenrod. Northern two-lined salamanders inhabit the shores of the Indian River, are an extension of populations occurring throughout much of the Mississippi River drainage. Large stands of cardinal-flower are present. The property encompasses 68 ha in total.


From Almonte turn N on Ramsay Conc Rd 8 & go 2 km.


45.246181, -76.253044