Chanterelle, credit: Stefan Holm/Essentials Collection/Getty Images


  • Caps 2 to 5 cm in diameter
  • Cap edge wavy (instead of smooth and flat)
  • Caps and gills (long, thin tissues found under the cap) yellow to dark yellow in colour, stalk generally paler


  • Moist, shaded areas, near hardwoods

Harvesting Time

  • Spring to summer

Uses and Related Information

  • Chanterelles can be added to any dish in which mushrooms are used
  • Drying chanterelles makes them tough and chewy, fresh or frozen preparations are recommended
  • These mushrooms keep best if boiled in salt water and then frozen


  • Do not confuse the chanterelle with the false chanterelle (Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca), which has a significantly skinnier stalk and is orange rather than yellow