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  • Stems 30 cm to 1 m in height
  • Leaves variable in shape, with a white coating on the underside
  • Flowers forming long green clusters


  • Gardens, disturbed areas, areas near agricultural activity

Harvesting Time

  • Summer

Uses and Related Information

  • Fresh young leaves are best and can be eaten raw or in salads or added to smoothies and soups or other cooked preparations
  • Leaves are similar in taste and preparation to spinach, with four times as much calcium and 50% more protein – six cups of raw leaves cook down to about a 1/2 cup
  • The plant produces small seeds in the late summer or fall, similar in appearance to quinoa (as the plants are relatives), which can be sprinkled on salads

MIMOHE/Essentials Collection/Getty ImagesCautions

  • Because it contains some oxalic acid, consume only small amounts of this plant
  • Do not consume large amounts of seeds, due to the saponins they contain