lobster mushroom

Lobster mushroom, credit: Jason Hollinger CC BY 2.0


  • Cap size around 5 to 12 cm, though this is based on the original mushroom parasitized
  • Bright orange mushroom with firm cap and stem
  • Irregular or semi-deformed appearance
  • Lobster mushrooms result from a relationship between Lactarius mushrooms and a parasite; this parasite turns the mushrooms bright orange and affects the shape and growth


  • Wooded areas

Harvesting Time

  • Midsummer

Uses and Related Information

  • Lobster mushrooms can be sliced and pan-fried in butter, and pair well with soy sauce or other Asian sauces
  • They should be firm and white inside, not grey, soft or spotted
  • Part of the mushroom cap may need to be removed to get rid of all dirt
  • They can be dried and stored

lobster mushroom, credit: Ontario Naturelobster mushrooms, credit: Karen Stephenson