Morel, credit: Jello5700/Signature Collection/Getty Images


  • Heads are long (conical or ellipsoid in shape) with a series of ridges and pitted chambers
  • Hollow inside from tip of cap to bottom of stalk


  • Forests, open meadows and highly disturbed (burned or grazed) landscapes

Harvesting Time

  • Spring

Uses and Related Information

  • Morels, which have a meaty flavour even when they have been dried, make great stuffed mushrooms and pair well with butter or light cream sauces
  • Dried morels can be stored for a relative long amount of time and should be rehydrated in hot water before use

morel, credit: Jello5700/Signature Collection/Getty ImagesCautions

  • Do not confuse the morel with the false morel, which is poisonous; always confirm identification by consulting guides, images and experts
  • Do not eat raw morels
  • Cook morels very thoroughly, to avoid any stomach pain or discomfort