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Pearly everlastihg, credit: Mallory Vanier


  • 10 to 90 cm in height, covered in smooth white hairs
  • Leaves long, narrow and hairy on the undersides
  • Flowers small and white with yellow eyes, usually clustered at the top of the plant


  • Sunny open areas, disturbed areas, edge habitat

Harvesting Time

  • July to September

Uses and Related Information

  • Some people use the leaves as a tea which is said to relieve sore throats, indigestion, nausea or diarrhea (younger leaves are more palatable than older leaves)
  • A poultice made from the leaves is said to relieve joint pain or arthritis
  • Aboriginal peoples smoked the dried leaves of this plant both to relieve headaches and breathing problems, and also used the leaves in traditional smudging ceremonies to promote health and wellness

pearly everlasting, credit: Jay Sturner CC BY 2.0Cautions

  • Use only the leaves in medicinal applications as they contain the beneficial nutritional and medicinal properties