Red clover, Credit: Chushkin/Signature Collection/Getty Images


  • 5 to 40 cm in height with hairy stems
  • Classic clover leaf with three leaflets
  • Light green V-shaped mark on each leaf
  • Flower round and pink


  • Fields, pastures, roadsides, backyards

Harvesting Time

  • Late spring to fall

Uses and Related Information

  • Flowers can be eaten raw in salads, made into a detoxifying tea or lightly battered and deep-fried
  • Clover is said to relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms, such as cramping and hot flashes, and is thought to reduce bad cholesterol and plaque that causes heart disease
  • The flowers can be dried and stored for later use


  • Consume the flowers and leaves in moderation, because they may cause bloating
  • Do not consume clover if you are pregnant or nursing as it can affect the hormonal balance of the body