pygmy snaketail dragonfly

Pygmy snaketail dragonfly, Credit: Denis Doucet

insect_iconEndangered Provincially,  Special Concern Nationally


• Small dark brown and black dragonfly, with yellow markings on abdomen and bright green markings on thorax
• Larva found in large, fast flowing rivers with substrates of sand and gravel
• Rarely-seen adult live in forest canopy adjacent to the river where it lived as larva


• Western population occurs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northwestern Ontario; eastern population ranging along the Appalachian Mountains
• One record of larval skin collected in northwestern Ontario in 2007


• Habitat loss and degradation (dams and water pollution)
• Pesticides and herbicides


• Provincially protected under the Endangered Species Act, 2007


The only known record of the pygmy snaketail was from the Namakan River in the Rainy River District in 2007.