5 |  View from Locke House My own private Kyoto
How I plan to stop driving my car – at least not as much By Nancy Clark

15 |  Letters – no wild edibles, plus butterfly quiz answers

6 | Earthwatch
Smart growth; battles to watch; moraine development freeze

17 | This Season  A passion for plants:
Philip Fry’s philosophy of habitat gardening By Craille Maguire Gillies

44 | Insider
Behind the scenes at FON

46 | Endpoint
The death of outdoor education by Mike Morris


20 | Upwardly mobile
Remaining calm while hiking the canopy in the Haliburton Forest By Victoria Foote 

25 | Zooming in
Winning images from Seasons’ 2001 nature photo contest 

30 | Which wood is good?
We investigate certified wood standards – plus products available By Sylvia Putz

42 | It’s some sort of flycatcher
A beginner’s guide to identifying flycatchers by Nancy Clark