Seasons Summer 2003 Table of Contents


5 |  View From Locke House SAYING GOODBYE
After five and a half years, it’s time for a new view By Nancy Clark

7 |  Letters
The cormorant debate continues

8 | Earthwatch
On the trail of the elusive eastern cougar; profiling bad fish; invasive earthworms; boreal birds species in decline

15 | The Seasoned Pro  The Bug Man
Entomologist Marvin Gunderman loves his bugs By Sharon Oosthoek

38 | Field Trip SNAKES
Getting to know Ontario’s snakes By Victoria Foote

Sailing through fog and wind to the Slate Islands By Michael OReilly

44 | FON Report
Southern Ontario Woodlands Project going strong; spend a day with the Carden Field Naturalists

46 | Endpoint
How the consumer can take on corporations by buying green By Nicola Ross

18 | Paddling Leopold’s North Country
Retracing the route the “father of the New Conservation Movement” took through Quetico Provincial Park By Kevin Callan

24 |West Nile Virus
What its impact on our wildlife is and why we shouldn’t spray By Gregor Beck

28 | The Water’s Falling
The puzzling ebb and flow of the Great Lakes’ water levels By Douglas Hunter

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