Seasons Winter 2002 Table Of Contents

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5 |  View from Locke House Big, black birds
Why do we like some animals and not others? By Nancy Clark

7 |  Letters

8 | Earthwatch
The dirt on road salt; Counting salamanders; ATV access denied

15 | The Seasoned Pro  High school teacher John Burton recruits 12th graders to the green cause By Sharon Oosthoek

34 | Field Trip Winter finch:
Where the crossbills, finches and grosbeaks will be  By Nancy Clark

37 | Day One  Winter camping in style:
Be close to nature, but not cold and wet. Rent a yurt! By Audrey Armstrong

40 | FON Report
Introducting new FON staff; Report on local clubs’ conservation projects

42 | Endpoint
Does the Niagara need another highway? by Jason Thorne


18 | Devil bird?
Double-crested cormorants are hated and blamed for eating too many fish and crowding out heron nests on the Great Lakes. But the scientific evidence is far from conclusive By Douglas Hunter 

24 | How to record birdsong
A beginners guide to capturing the sweet sounds of nature By John Neville

28 | The great winter woods quiz
Test your knowledge of animal signs and activities in winter. Enter our contest and win cool prizes!


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