5 |  This Issue The Last Issue of Seasons
The name of the magazine is  changing, but the content remains the same By Victoria Foote

7 |  Letters
Insulating deadly hydro wire will save birds

8 | Earthwatch
More invasive species; protecting provincial park waterways; caribou and gray wolf habitat at risk; old-growth corridor

15 | The Seasoned Pro  ELIZABETH MAY’S PASSION
The head of Sierra Club is one of the environment’s toughest advocates By Lisa Keller

36 | Field Trip FISH:
In Ontario’s far north By Dan Schneider

On Amherst Island, the birding season is just beginning By Peter Christie

45 | FON Report
Volunteers contribute 5,000 hours to conservation projects; new membership categories; Long-time FON staffer says goodbye

46 | Endpoint
While the number of clearcuts in the boreal is restricted, their size isn’t By Jerry Demarco

18 | The Mighty French River
Explorers, traders, planners, even towns have all come and gone. The French River remains untamed By Douglas Hunter

22 | The Last Frontier
North of the boreal forest lies the tundra, one of the least populated areas in the western hemisphere, where half of Canada’s largest dozen rivers drain in leisurely majesty across the lowland

24 | Birding in the Far North
By Glenn Coady

27 | The Trail of the Trickster
By Matthew Barron

30 | Finding the Flora
By Lorraine Johnson

32 | Adams Mine Redux?
Despite its many opponents, the contreversial mine site may yet be used for landfill. Looks like the battle isn’t over after all By Charlie Angus with files from Brit Griffin