shortjaw cisco, © John Lyons, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Threatened Provincially and Nationally


• Member of whitefish family; up to 35 centimetres long, weighing up to one kilogram
• Olive-tan to greenish back; silvery sides; purple sheen; white belly
• Large eyes; small head; very small mouth with no teeth and small lower jaw
• Feeds on zooplankton, aquatic insects and crustaceans, such as freshwater shrimp


• Widely distributed throughout central Canada
• In Ontario, found in Lake Superior, Lake Nipigon and some smaller inland lakes
• Extirpated from lakes Michigan, Erie and Huron


• Overharvesting
• Invasive species


• Provincially protected under the Endangered Species Act, 2007


The shortjaw cisco has been extirpated from lakes Michigan, Erie and Huron.