A planner for nature by Linda Pim

Loggers in caribou territory; rare birds in your neighbourhood;big blob in Three Mile Lake
Honouring our eco-heroes: Ontario Nature’s conservation award winners.
Swallow-wort is wreaking ecological havoc wherever it grows – and it’s darn near impossible to run out of town by Christine Beevis

It’s not just about the ivory-billed by Dan Schneider and Peter Pautler
Cutting down the boreal forest is not the solution to the north’s economic woes

De Beers Canada has started digging the province’s first diamond mine not far from the James Bay coastline,threatening to destroy a fragile wilderness by Chris Nuttall-Smith
Nestled within the Carolinian forest, Short Hills Provincial Park is a neglected gem by Tim Tiner
A father and son team unravel the mysterious origins of Devil’s Crater and discover a portal to the past by Jon and Leif Nelson
ON THE COVER: Ospreys are birds of prey that prefer coastal areas, like James Bay, as they are fish eaters – these birds are rarely seen inland. The osprey shares this northern habitat with an abundance of other wildlife including eagles,caribou and polar bears. And now an enormous diamond mine complex as well. Our story begins on page 18. Photograph by Robert McCaw