Orb weavers

Araneidae (orb weaver) web, <a href=

Orb weaver web, Credit: Dan Schneider

Family Araneidae


Yellow garden spider - Dan Schneider_buttonYellow garden spider
(Argiope aurantia)



banded_garden_spider_Lynette_CC_BY-NC_2.0_buttonBanded garden spider
(Argiope trifasciata)



cross_orbweaver_2_John_Reaume_buttonCross orbweaver
(Araneus diadematus)



http://forums.spiders.us/showthread.php?t=13400&p=54121#post54121Furrow orbweaver
(Larinioides cornutus)



bridge_orbweaver_ferran_turmo_gort_cc_by-nc-sa_2-0_thumbBridge orbweaver
(Larinioides sclopetarius)



shamrock_orbweaver_crfullmoon_CC_BY-NC_2.0_buttonShamrock orbweaver
(Araneus trifolium)



starbellied_orbweaver_spider_lisa_brown_cc_by-nc_2-0_thumbStarbellied orbweaver
(Acanthepeira stellata)



conical_trashline_orbweaver_christophe_quintin_cc_by-nc_2-0_buttonConical trashline orbweaver
(Cyclosa conica)



Long-jawed orb weavers

Longjawed orbweaver web, credit: Kenneth Cole Schneider

Long-jawed orb weaver web, Credit: Kenneth Cole Schneider

Family Tetragnathidae

silver_longjawed_spider_AD_WatsonSFC_CC_BY-NC_2.0_buttonSilver long-jawed orbweaver 
(Tetragnatha laboriosa)



orchard_spider_John_Reaume_buttonOrchard orbweaver
(Leucauge venusta)



Cobweb weavers

Cobweb with spider and egg sacs, Credit: David Miller

Cobwebs, Credit: David Miller

Family Theridiidae

common_house_spider_Patrick_Randall_CC_BY-NC-SA_2.0_buttonCommon house spider
(Parasteatoda tepidariorum)



northern_black_widow_spider_Patrick_Coin_CC_BY-NC-SA_2.0_buttonNorthern black widow
(Latrodectus variolus)



Candy stripe cobweb weaver
(Enoplognatha ovata)



Cellar spiders

Family Pholcidae

longbodied cellar spider - Dan Schneider_button2Longbodied cellar spider  

(Pholcus phalangioides)


Sheet-web weavers

Sheetweb with morning dew, Credit: Dan Schneider

Sheet-web with morning dew, Credit: Dan Schneider

Family Linyphiidae

bowl_and_doily_spider_John_Reaume_buttonBowl and doily weaver
(Frontinella communis)



hammock_spider_katja_schulz_cc_by_2-0_buttonHammock spider 
(Pityohyphantes costatus)



dwarf_spider_tom_murray_cc_by-nc-nd_1-0_buttonSplendid dwarf spider 
(Hypselistes florens)



Funnel-web weavers

Funnelweb, Credit: Dan Schneider

Funnel-web, Credit: Dan Schneider

Family Agelenidae

barn_funnel_weaver_2_David_Short_CC_BY_2.0_buttonBarn funnel weaver
(Tegenaria domestica)



Grass spider
(Agelenopsis spp.)


Family Dictyniidae 

Mesh-webs, Credit: Chris deRham

This family of spiders typically constructs a flat, sheet-like web close to the ground, with an attached funnel-like hideout. The web is often supported by grass or small tree branches, or may be constructed inside a shelter such as a tree trunk crevice or between rocks. These spiders conceal themselves in the narrow end of the funnel and wait for insects to stumble onto the web. When the spider senses a vibration, it charges out and subdues its victim with a paralyzing bite. Most have long spinnerets that extend beyond the posterior abdomen. Most members of this family have four eyes arranged in a middle row with two widely spaced eyes below this line and two narrowly spaced above.

Hacklemesh weavers

Hacklemesh web, Credit: Marshal Hedin

Family Amaurobiidae



Hackled mesh weaver  
(Callobius bennetti)