Is it dead yet?

by Douglas Hunter   It’s been a long, drawn-out, complicated mess for the people of Three Mile Lake,” said Susan Pryke, mayor of the Township of Muskoka Lakes, in early December... Read Full Article

First Nations concludes first eco-audit

By Douglas Hunter In 2010, the Wikwemikong First Nation (Band 175) of eastern Manitoulin Island concluded a multi-year audit of plant and animal species at risk, with financial assistance... Read Full Article

The ghost cat

Experts have long believed that 0ntario’s eastern cougar is locally extinct. But mounting evidence now suggests otherwise. Has the cat come back? Or did it never leave? By Douglas... Read Full Article

Temperature rising

From the lush Carolinian zone in the south to the spectacular boreal of the north, climate change threatens to bring forest ecosystems to the brink of collapse. Douglas Hunter reports... Read Full Article

Plight of the bug eaters

Why are birds that feed on insects disappearing? New findings point to answers that touch on a range of troubling environmental factors. By Douglas Hunter    Late in our conversation,... Read Full Article

The big spill

By Douglas Hunter As the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continued to unfold throughout the summer, Canadian scientists began considering the consequences... Read Full Article

Troubled waters

Ottawa still refuses to recognize the economic benefits of clean lakes. By Douglas Hunter   Illustration by Marco Cibola    On March 4, the Obama administration marshaled enough... Read Full Article

Foreign bodies

By Douglas Hunter Since their introduction in the 1960s to North America through fish farms and research facilities, Asian carp have become an environmental disaster. Having escaped... Read Full Article

Northern exposure

By Douglas Hunter Northern Ontario residents witnessing forestry companies’ large-scale spraying operations carried out from helicopters want to know why an activity that is considered... Read Full Article

Quarry given the green light

By Douglas Hunter On July 15, the coalition group Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay (CCMB) lost a seven-year fight against a proposed traprock quarry on the eastern shore of Lake... Read Full Article

An ill wind

The Province’s green energy act isn’t so green when wind farms threaten sensitive habitat and wildlife. By Douglas Hunter In November 2008, environmental groups and the energy industry... Read Full Article

Climate watch

by Douglas Hunter On March 13, 2007, a draft climate change bill was introduced in the British House of Commons that promised to make Britain the first country to set legally binding... Read Full Article

A forest divided

by Douglas Hunter The ability of hikers to coexist peacefully with dirt bikers and ATV drivers is being put to the test in the largest municipal forest in Ontario, as Simcoe County... Read Full Article

Climate Watch

by Douglas Hunter In the summer of 2007, U.S. farmers were expected to plant the largest corn crop since 1944 to cash in on the boom in ethanol as an alternative fuel for use in combatting... Read Full Article

Kayakers to the rescue

by Douglas Hunter The 30,000 Islands of eastern Georgian Bay attract many recreational users, from boaters to anglers to campers to cottagers. But in recent years, it’s fallen mainly... Read Full Article

Climate Watch

by Douglas Hunter Canadian Bioenergy Corporation has put forward a proposal to build western Canada’s first large-scale biodiesel refinery near Edmonton, Alberta. It would produce... Read Full Article

Ill winds

Is local opposition to wind turbines based on concern for wildlife or property values? by Douglas Hunter One of the most vexatious aspects of the effort to reduce our collective carbon... Read Full Article

Climate watch

by Douglas Hunter Mild winters, high evaporation and low precipitation are being blamed for continuing declines in Great Lakes water levels. On December 6, 2007, Environment Canada’s... Read Full Article

Climate watch

By Douglas Hunter A team of U.S. and U.K. scientists has warned that climate change could place unique Antarctic marine life in jeopardy because of predacious invaders. “Sharks are... Read Full Article

Ohio turns green

By Douglas Hunter Notorious for dirty power plants that fill Ontario’s skies with acid rain, smog and greenhouse gases, the state of Ohio is finally poised to take a great leap forward... Read Full Article

Mining, yes. Eco-tourism, not so much

Wednesday July 22, 2009 Posted by: Douglas Hunter The coalition group Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay (CCMB) has lost a seven-year fight against a proposed traprock quarry... Read Full Article

Great white birds

by Douglas Hunter When four American white pelicans touched down in Owen Sound harbour last May, their unexpected arrival made headlines. The sighting was one of several in the spring... Read Full Article

Muddy waters

Aquaculture has been charged with multiple crimes against the environment. But today fish farms must abide by stringent regulations while many wild fish populations are being decimated.... Read Full Article

The Way of the Lizard

And the massasauga and the wood turtle, along with most of our reptile populations, which are now in rapid decline due to habitat loss, roads, poaching (turtles) and even senseless... Read Full Article