ON Nature Media Kit and Rate Card 2019


ON Nature is Ontario’s award-winning magazine. Published quarterly, ON Nature brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural areas and wildlife and providing insight into current environmental issues. The publication features in-depth articles by nature specialists and stunning colour photography.

Lest We Forget, ON Nature magazine, Autumn 2019

Ontario Nature

ON Nature readers are members of Ontario Nature. They are committed to conservation, loyal to the magazine and responsive to advertising. Active outdoor enthusiasts, they spend their leisure time discovering, exploring and enjoying nature – birding, hiking, camping and travelling.

Ontario Nature is a respected, non-profit nature and conservation organization, founded in 1931 as a voice for the conservation of Ontario’s natural heritage. The Ontario Nature community includes more than 30,000 members and supporters and 150 community member groups.

Great Horned Owl

Reader Profile

  1. naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts
  2. committed to conservation
  3. affluent and intelligent
  4. purchasers of recreational equipment and environmentally-friendly products
  5. keen travelers
  6. responsive to advertising
Light Pollution feature spread

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Winter 2019 Preview

Beluga whale under the frozen sea

There Be Whales Here

Most Ontarians know belugas only from aquarium visits, but a hardy population of this marine mammal persists in the province’s northern reaches. Can it resist the impact of climate change?
By Brian Banks

Saugeen-Bruce Peninsula forest and Georgian Bay shoreline

Nature Guardian

How Saugeen Ojibway leader Doran Ritchie, veteran of Indigenous conflicts with the government, spearheaded a partnership between his nation and Parks Canada to protect nature on the Bruce Peninsula.
By Cecily Ross

Spotted tussock moth

Moth Mania

A woodland at the edge of Toronto turns out to be a repository of incredible biodiversity – including more than a thousand species of moths – proving nature’s resilience amidst urban sprawl.  
By Patricia Hluchy

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