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Winter 2023 Preview

Publishing on December 1

Red pine plantation

Too Many Trees, Not Enough Forest

Tree-planting projects often fail to recognize that a forest is more than the trees it contains – it’s an ecosystem. A look at how to create woodlands that not only sequester carbon but provide critical ecological benefits.

By Patricia Hluchy

Fire Escape Route

Wildfires are a natural part of many species’ lifecycle, but their increasing frequency and intensity are testing animals’ ability to adapt. With declining open spaces, can our wildlife find safe havens?

By Jade Prévost-Manuel

Recent post-burn wilderness, Quetico Provincial Park
Eastern hog-nosed snake

The Trickster

The hog-nosed snake has a wide repertoire of deceptions it relies on to elude predators. But people who fall for its bluffs can become its most dangerous predators of all.

By Celia Milne

Last Word

Stop vilifying invasive species.

Multiflora rose
Algonquin lookout with rainbow and autumn forest

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American white pelican, Species at risk
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