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The publication features in-depth articles by nature specialists and stunning colour photography.

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Ontario Nature is a respected, non-profit nature and conservation organization, founded in 1931 as a voice for the conservation of Ontario’s natural heritage. The Ontario Nature community includes more than 30,000 members and supporters and 150 community member groups.

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Ontario Power Generation - Protecting Biodiversity

Spring 2023 Preview

Publishing on March 10

Bruce Trail hike

Tracing the Freedom Trail

A young Black woman travels the length of the Bruce Trail in search of adventure while commemorating the Underground Railroad.

By Melina Damian

For Peat’s Sake

Human reliance on peat moss to keep gardens blooming is feeding the destruction of peatlands, which are critical to moderating climate change.  

By Jade Prevost-Manuel

peatlands, peat, northern

If You Build It, They Will Come

A team creating habitat for the notoriously finicky Kirtland’s warbler may have found a new way to bring breeding birds back to Ontario.

By Julia Zarankin

Last Word

A critique of #NoMowMay.  

By Lorraine Johnson and Sheila Colla

Summer 2023 Preview

Publishing on June 9

Fireflies, Frontenac Provincial Park

The Mysteries of Fireflies

Surprisingly little is known about the tiny insects that light up summer nights. Delving into the signals and behaviours of fireflies—many of which science has yet to decipher.

By Brian Banks

On the Waterfront

Cottages and other lakefront developments are encroaching on buffer zones that protect lake biodiversity and water quality. One county is doing something about it—and so should cottage owners.  

By Jade Prevost-Manuel

Cottages, Lake St. Peter
Gray wolf along riverbank

Lone Wolf

Biologists recently tracked a male wolf’s epic 18-month journey across four states and two provinces. The canid’s nearly 7,000-kilometre trek reveals the critical value of natural corridors.

By Conor Mihell

Last Word

Nature loss and climate change are spreading infectious diseases. 

By Lisa Richardson

Algae bloom on warm polluted river
Algonquin lookout with rainbow and autumn forest

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