Spring 2021 Preview

Publishing on March 12

Loggerhead shrike

Shrike the Impaler

Inside the efforts to save the eastern loggerhead shrike – a migratory songbird whose macabre hunting methods have given it the name Butcher Bird.

By Luke Fuendling

Matchedash Wildlands

Orphaned Hinterland

Matchedash Wildlands are a haven of unspoiled wilderness in bustling cottage country. But without protection, this Crown-owned no-man’s land may soon become a free-for-all.

By Douglas Hunter

Learning to portage group of young people

A Breath of Fresh Air

Isolation indoors brought on by the pandemic has highlighted Canadians’ unequal access to nature – and the health benefits such access brings. How can we bring inclusion into the wilderness?  

By Julia Zarankin

Algonquin lookout with rainbow and autumn forest


  • Spring 2021 issue published online on March 12, 2021
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