Fall 2021 Preview

Publishing on September 10

vibrant Northern parula warbler singing

Call of the Wild

Bird calls and songs are giving scientists new insights into avian behaviour and population patterns. How researchers are gathering data for Ontario’s third Breeding Bird Atlas by listening.

By Brian Banks

A couple enjoying an autumn walk in High Park, Toronto


The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited a back-to-nature movement that is putting pressure on sensitive habitats across Ontario. The problem is not that there are too many people—it is that there is not enough dedicated greenspace.  

By Conor Mihell

Northern black widow spider

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-woman

A profile of Dr. Maydianne Andrade, a Toronto evolutionary biologist and co-founder of the Canadian Black Scientists Network, who specializes in studying black widow spiders (yes, an Ontario species).

By Allan Britnell

Algonquin lookout with rainbow and autumn forest


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