Spring 2024 Preview

Publishing on March 8, 2024

The Plight of Cold-Blooded Creatures

A decade-long community science project highlights how Ontario’s reptiles and amphibians are adapting to climate change, and habitat loss and fragmentation. For many species, the news isn’t good.

By Celia Milne

Blue-spotted salamander

Healing Trees

As the practice of “forest bathing” grows in popularity, we explore the benefits of and the science behind forest therapy.

By Ian Coutts

Protecting a Little-known Habitat

Nature groups around Ontario are fighting to preserve local alvars, globally rare habitats that are home to unique communities of plants and animals. Can they keep developers and aggregate miners at bay?

By Conor Mihell

Last Word

A landmark decision to change English names of bird species named after people.

By Julia Zarankin

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Algonquin lookout with rainbow and autumn forest
Ruffed grouse, snow and pine bough


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