Winter 2019 Preview

Beluga whale under the frozen sea

The Great White Northerner

Most Ontarians know belugas only from visits or reputation, but a hardy population of this marine mammal persists in the province’s northern reaches. Can it resist the impact of climate change?
By Brian Banks

Controlled burn, Stone Road Alvar Nature Reserve © Robert Tymstra

Burning Need

Fires can be ecological blessings, regenerating habitats of rare species. A “prescribed burn” at an alvar reserve shows how experts tame fire’s wild force.
By Conor Mihell

Spotted tussock moth

Small is Bountiful

A tiny reserve on Toronto’s outskirts is home to stunning biodiversity – including more than a thousand species of moths – debunking the notion that only large natural expanses merit protection.  
By Patricia Hluchy

50 Million Tree Program