The orchids of Thunder Bay, Summer 2012, ON Nature


We publish a full range of articles about wildlife, parks, wilderness areas, environment issues and nature-related activities. Most of our articles are procured from freelance writers and illustrated by freelance photographers’ stock images. For the most part, we consider photos taken only in Ontario and of Ontario species. We prefer photos of species in the wild whenever possible unless the ​photography causes distress to the subjects, in which case we would publish photos of captive species. The magazine is published by Ontario Nature, a conservation organization, so our highest priority is to do no harm to plants, animals and habitat.
Red-shouldered hawk, species of special concern


We adhere to the principles of ethical photography. We will not knowingly publish any photo obtained by the harassment of wildlife including baiting, flushing or otherwise stressing animals. We will also not knowingly publish photos involved trespassing, or the destructive grooming or pruning of habitat. We ask photographers freelancing with us to always be conscious of the impacts of their activities on animals, and to follow the rules of the places they visit. Photos of people – particularly minors – should have explicit consent when faces are visible.

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Ontario Power Generation - Protecting Biodiversity


We publish photos from freelance photographers on our list or whom we reach out to directly. For rates, rules and submission methods, please refer to our Photographer’s Guidelines. To apply to join our list of photographers who receive the photo want list for each issue of the magazine, please send a selection of your work – including a stock list and/or a link to more of your photos online – to Noah Cole at The images should be high resolution (300 dpi).

Photos © (top to bottom) Joan Leblanc, Andy Reago and Chrissy McClarren, Nicole Beaulac