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Nature's bond
By Caroline Schultz

Earth Watch

Protecting grasslands; softshell turtle refuge;
hog-nosed havens; pollinator protection; advancing citizen science; from wasteland to reserve; snapping turtle sorrows; Anne Bell reflects

Last Word

Foraging for the future
By Mallory Vanier

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ON Nature

Since 1931, Ontario Nature has been one of the province’s leading environmental organizations. ON Nature magazine – the voice of Ontario Nature – is an award-winning quarterly that provides Ontario Nature members and supporters with the content that really matters to them.

ON Nature’s contributors include award-winning journalists and photographers, experienced conservationists, and scientists recognized for their expertise in botany, ornithology and other nature-related fields. ON Nature brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural species and spaces, and providing insight on timely conservation issues.


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National Magazine Awards

Published four times a year, ON Nature magazine has won multiple National Magazine Awards and National Magazine Award nominations.

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Upcoming issue: ON Nature Winter 2016

Portrait of a lady
The nine-spotted lady beetle — better known as the ladybug — was once a common sight in Ontario. But the rise of its seven-spotted cousin and the invasion of Asian lady beetles now threaten its survival.
By Cecily Ross

Under the snow
Not every creature hibernates or migrates when temperatures drop. For these species, the arrival of winter is when life really gets interesting.
By Allan Britnell

To conserve and protect
Ontario is a laggard in helping Canada fulfill its pledge to protect 17 percent of its land and inland waters. Here is how the province can meet the challenge.
By Joanna Pachner

Labourers of love
From legal defenders to bird rescuers to sprawl fighters, meet six Ontarians whose volunteer work on nature’s behalf is priceless.
By Mai Nguyen