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Call of the wild
By Caroline Schultz

Earth Watch

Gains for a greener future; health benefits of nature; counting salamanders; creating the Sydenham River Nature Reserve

Last Word

Bolstering our environmental rights.
By Anne Bell

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ON Nature

Since 1931, Ontario Nature has been one of the province’s leading environmental organizations. ON Nature magazine – the voice of Ontario Nature – is an award-winning quarterly that provides Ontario Nature members and supporters with the content that really matters to them.

ON Nature’s contributors include award-winning journalists and photographers, experienced conservationists, and scientists recognized for their expertise in botany, ornithology and other nature-related fields. ON Nature brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural species and spaces, and providing insight on timely conservation issues.


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Published four times a year, ON Nature magazine has won multiple National Magazine Awards and National Magazine Award nominations.

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Upcoming issue: ON Nature Fall 2016

A giant dilemma
The recent drops in moose populations are causing scientists to ask: Is climate changing faster than this iconic animal can adapt? And is this a sign of trouble for Ontario’s boreal ecosystems?
By Brad Badelt

The avianator
Caroline Biel is only 16 years old but her knowledge of birds is already world class. We meet the Toronto-area winner of a prestigious birding award to find out what drives her passion for wildlife – both airborne and terrestrial.
By Julia Zarankin

No more free-for-all
Water is Ontario’s greatest natural resource, but companies are depleting our fresh-water supplies at an alarming pace. We examine the growing movement to preserve what we have long taken for granted.
By Conor Mihell