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When the going
gets tough...
By Caroline Schultz

Earth Watch

What’s happening with nature and conservation in Ontario, and why.

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To manage biodiversity, we need better measuring
By Dianne Saxe

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ON Nature

Since 1931, Ontario Nature has been one of the province’s leading environmental organizations. ON Nature magazine – the voice of Ontario Nature – is an award-winning quarterly that provides Ontario Nature members and supporters with the content that really matters to them.

ON Nature’s contributors include award-winning journalists and photographers, experienced conservationists, and scientists recognized for their expertise in botany, ornithology and other nature-related fields. ON Nature brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural species and spaces, and providing insight on timely conservation issues.


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National Magazine Awards

Published four times a year, ON Nature magazine has won multiple National Magazine Awards and National Magazine Award nominations.

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Upcoming issue: ON Nature Spring 2017

Here today, gone tomorrow
Vernal pools – temporary wetlands that serve as nurseries for frogs and salamanders – are threatened by rising temperatures and development. Where will woodland amphibians go?
By Don Scallen

The ultimate hike
The Bruce Trail, Canada’s longest footpath, can be completed as a challenging month-long hike or explored in segments. We have asked some dedicated “end-to-enders” who have completed the full 900-kilometre stretch to offer their highlights, lessons and advice.
By Conor Mihell

Forest killers
From emerald ash borer to Asian long-horned beetle, a deluge of invaders is attacking Ontario’s trees. The latest incursion, from the hemlock wooly adelgid, could devastate hemlock-dominated shorelines – unless we quickly mount a defence.
By Mike Henry