ON Nature fall 2014


A river runs through it
As recent floods have reminded Ontarians, waterways buried under our cities can come back to life – with dire consequences. Naturalists and engineers now believe uncovering such “lost rivers” will benefit urban residents both human and wild.By Brad Badelt
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On the blitz
Inside the BioBlitz movement: How a group of farmers in eastern Ontario opened their lands to scientists and the public to help document their region’s natural diversity – and set an example for other landowners. By Mark Anderson
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Over a burrow
Bank swallows seem to be in trouble, and many people blame aggregate companies’ destruction of nests during excavation. Turns out, the industry could be the burrowing bird’s most important ally.By Peter Gorrie
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National Magazine Awards
Published four times a year, ON Nature magazine has won multiple National Magazine Awards and National Magazine Award nominations.
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