5 | This Issue

The incredible journey.

By Caroline Schultz

7 | Earth Watch

20 | Lights Out?

The enchanting light shows of adult fireflies make ignoring the rest of their life cycle easy. But therein lie the threats to them.

By Brian Banks

24 | Lone Wolf

An extraordinary journey by a solitary gray wolf reveals the challenges these animals encounter in their search for open territory.

By Conor Mihell

30 | Shoring Up

As natural shorelines give way to lawns and retaining walls, Ontario lakes are losing their ecological buffers. Will cottagers and governments rally to bring nature back to the waterfront?

By Jade Prévost-Manuel

34 | Our Member Groups 

Plant guides are available.

By Lisa Richardson

35 | Our Community  

A Friend of Nature: Diana Shermet Williamson.

By Lisa Kamenar

37 | From Ontario Nature’s Blog 

The cost of fast fashion.

By Ontario Nature Staff

38 | Last Word

Less nature means more disease.

By Lisa Richardson

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