Lest We Forget, ON Nature magazine, Autumn 2019

Lest We Forget

Do Ontarians still remember what true wilderness looks like? Lake Superior’s north shore offers a much-needed reminder.

The Leafy Viking, ON Nature magazine, Autumn 2019

The Leafy Viking

Norway maples may be pretty but they are greedy and fast-spreading, pushing out native trees from Ontario’s woodlots and putting entire ecosystems at risk. Is it time for a ban?

The Boar War, ON Nature magazine, Autumn 2019

The Boar War

Wild pigs are on the move in Ontario’s countryside, leaving a trail of habitat destruction and agricultural damage. But there is still time to stop the invaders before they go hog wild.

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Ontario's bats, photo © Michael Patrikeev

Ontario’s Bats – Summer 2006

As the only flying mammals in the world bats make an impressive claim to fame. Eight species of these nocturnal creatures live in Ontario.

Root of Temptation – Summer 2018

Once Canada’s second-biggest export, wild American ginseng is increasingly rare today as poachers track it down for its valuable root. So why are conservation measures lagging?

2019 National Magazine Awards, Finalist for Short Feature Writing

The Cutting Edge – Spring 2016

When it comes to grassland birds, farmers are the greatest hope for their preservation. Here’s how some enterprising growers are combining nature protection with making a living.

2017 National Magazine Awards, Silver for Short Feature Writing

Blinded By the Light – Summer 2017

Artificial light is a pollutant, affecting habitat and health of all plants and creatures – including humans. Why the night must be brought back.

2018 National Magazine Awards, Finalist for Short Feature Writing


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