Current Issue — Spring 2023

If You Build It They Will Come, Feature, Spring 2023, ON Nature magazine

If You Build It, They Will Come

A team creating habitat for the notoriously finicky Kirtland’s warbler may have found a new way to bring breeding birds back to Ontario.

Tracing the Freedom Trail

A young Black woman travels the length of the Bruce Trail in search of adventure while commemorating the Underground Railroad.

Tracing The Freedom Trail, Feature, Spring 2023, ON Nature magazine
For Peat's Sake, Feature, Spring 2023, ON Nature magazine

For Peat’s Sake

Human reliance on peat moss to keep gardens blooming is feeding the destruction of peatlands, which are critical to moderating climate change.

The Downside of #NoMowMay

Last Word

The Downside of #NoMowMay, Last Word, Spring 2023, ON Nature magazine

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Our Favourites

Ontario’s Bats Summer 2006

As the only flying mammals in the world bats make an impressive claim to fame. Eight species of these nocturnal creatures live in Ontario.

Ginseng Feature Article Spread

Root of TemptationSummer 2018

Once Canada’s second-biggest export, wild American ginseng is increasingly rare today as poachers track it down for its valuable root. So why are conservation measures lagging?

2019 National Magazine Awards, Finalist for Short Feature Writing

The Cutting Edge – Spring 2016

When it comes to grassland birds, farmers are the greatest hope for their preservation. Here’s how some enterprising growers are combining nature protection with making a living.

2017 National Magazine Awards, Silver for Short Feature Writing

Grassland Birds and Farming Feature Article
Light Pollution Feature Article Spread

Blinded By the Light – Summer 2017

Artificial light is a pollutant, affecting habitat and health of all plants and creatures – including humans. Why the night must be brought back.

2018 National Magazine Awards, Finalist for Short Feature Writing

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