Current IssueSpring 2021

A Breath of Fresh Air – Spring 2021

Pandemic-spurred lockdowns have exposed the unequal access Ontario residents have to the outdoors. How can experiencing nature be made more inclusive?

Orphaned Hinterland – Spring 2021

Matchedash Wildlands is a haven of unspoiled wilderness in a bustling cottage country. But without protection, this area may soon become a free-for-all.

Butcher of the Alvar – Spring 2021

The eastern loggerhead shrike is a songbird, but it is also a predator with a ferocious spirit. A look inside efforts to save the critically endangered and striking bird.

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ON Nature magazine is an award-winning quarterly that brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural species and spaces, and providing insight on pressing conservation issues.

ON Nature’s contributors include award-winning journalists and photographers and experienced conservationists. The magazine is published by the one of the province’s leading environmental organizations, Ontario Nature

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Minister's Zoning Orders video image

Minister’s Zoning Orders Video

Minister’s Zoning Orders are increasingly being used to fast-track development on farmland, wetlands and greenspaces across Ontario.

MZOs eliminate any opportunity for public scrutiny or input and can result in significant harm to the long-term health of Ontarians and our natural ecosystems.

farm field, forests and rainbow in Ontario

MZOs to trump protections for nature and farmland

Buried in Bill 257, Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act, 2021, is a proposal to allow Minister’s Zoning Orders (MZOs) to override legal and policy protections for farmland and natural heritage features and areas across Ontario. If the changes go forward, lands currently protected under the Provincial Policy Statement would become vulnerable to development at the whim of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, without public consultation or any opportunity for appeal.

Please join Ontario Nature in demanding that Schedule 3 be removed from Bill 257.

Oak Ridges Moraine

Grow the Greenbelt

Good news – After years of Ontario Nature and our partners calling for Greenbelt expansion, it looks like it may finally happen. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has pledged to grow the Greenbelt. So far, the Ministry is considering adding the Paris Galt Moraine and public lands within urban river valleys.

While these suggestions are welcome, a much more ambitious approach is needed to protect precious farmland, groundwater and natural areas across the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) and build the region’s resilience to climate change.

Please urge the government to take a more ambitious approach to Greenbelt expansion that will protect and enhance the resiliency of ecological, hydrological and local food systems.

Waterlilies in a wetland

Provincially Significant Wetlands no longer safe

The Government of Ontario is showing its true colours with recent moves to ride roughshod over protections for Provincially Significant Wetland.

Please join Ontario Nature in urging the Government of Ontario to respect and uphold protections for Provincially Significant Wetlands and to stop its misuse of Minister’s Zoning Orders.

Ontario Power Generation - Protecting Biodiversity

Our Favourites

Ontario’s Bats Summer 2006

As the only flying mammals in the world bats make an impressive claim to fame. Eight species of these nocturnal creatures live in Ontario.

Ginseng Feature Article Spread

Root of TemptationSummer 2018

Once Canada’s second-biggest export, wild American ginseng is increasingly rare today as poachers track it down for its valuable root. So why are conservation measures lagging?

2019 National Magazine Awards, Finalist for Short Feature Writing

Grassland Birds and Farming Feature Article

The Cutting Edge – Spring 2016

When it comes to grassland birds, farmers are the greatest hope for their preservation. Here’s how some enterprising growers are combining nature protection with making a living.

2017 National Magazine Awards, Silver for Short Feature Writing

Light Pollution Feature Article Spread

Blinded By the Light – Summer 2017

Artificial light is a pollutant, affecting habitat and health of all plants and creatures – including humans. Why the night must be brought back.

2018 National Magazine Awards, Finalist for Short Feature Writing


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