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5 | This Issue

Farewell to Ontario Nature’s sage.

By Caroline Schultz

20 | Dammed If You Do…

Hydro power may be cleaner than energy from fossil fuels, but dams exact a high cost from river ecosystems. There are ways to minimize the damage if people are willing to think greener.

By Ian Coutts

24 | The Return of the (Not So) Common Tern

For the past six decades, common terns in Presqu’ile Provincial Park have been teetering on the brink of a colony collapse. Two scientists and the local community have given terns a second chance.

By Jade Prévost-Manuel

30 | Harvesting Carbon Credits

Some forest landowners are forgoing logging in favour of selling carbon credits to polluters. Does the carbon economy serve conservation goals or is it mere greenwashing?

By Conor Mihell

35 | Nature Network

Documentary Celebrates a Unique Forest

By Lesley Rudy

36 | In House  

Conserving a Family’s Beloved Property

By Kirsten Dahl

37 | From the Blog

Sawflies Add to Elms’ Woes.

By Jakob Mueller

38 | Last Word

A message from Mother Earth.

By Suzanne Kingsmill

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