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Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserv...

Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve

Description: The west side of this undeveloped 200-ha Ontario Nature reserve occupies a limestone plain; the remainder is on the Canadian Shield. Mixed forests of eastern hemlock, sugar maple, white birch, red oak, and trembling aspen dominate the shield section. The site also includes old fields, pond, pockets of marsh, white cedar swamp, and a […]

Mill of Kintail Conservation Area

Mill of Kintail Conservation Area

prescription Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, credit: Robert and Pat Rogers  Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, credit: Dave Huth” Description: Set in its rolling countryside, this mature sugar maple woodland is noted for its fine display of fall colour. The uplands also support eastern hemlock, white cedar, yellow birch, bur oak, basswood, green ash, and a […]