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Ontario Naturalist Magazine December 197...

Ontario Naturalist Magazine December 1977

DEPARTMENTS 28 | FON News FON establishes legal Pledge Bank; parks, conservation areas face serious threats. 31 | Queen’s Park/From Ottawa Heritage Act can preserve areas; IJC seeks immediate action on Great Lakes water quality. 32 | Around Ontario Park master plan delayed; developers affecting Taylor Creek Ravine; special report on raptors; colour-marked shorebirds; James […]

Ontario Naturalist Magazine August 1977

Ontario Naturalist Magazine August 1977

DEPARTMENTS 27 | FON News Highlights of the past year. 28 | Bird Report Winter 1976-1977. By Clive E. Goodwin 30 | Around Ontario Environmentally sensitive area concept spreads; Golden Winged Woods in planning controversy; trapping, hunting become major park issues. 32 | From Ottawa/Queen’s Park Dredging policies; Burwash Industrial Farm site; land drainage polices […]