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Winter 2023

Cochrane area wildfire, northern Ontario, 2023

24 | A Burning Issue The record-breaking wildfire season is highlighting the gaps in human knowledge of the impact of fires on wildlife. But what is known is worrisome. By Jade Prévost-Manuel 20 | Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees Tree-planting programs that prioritize the number of seedlings in the ground over creating forest […]

Flying Squirrels

Land Before Time feature article ON Nature Magazine Spread

In the article “Land before time” [Summer 2007], it is stated that “the northern flying squirrel, a creature typical of northern boreal forests, reach their southern limits in the [Frontenac] arch.” This statement, as I read it, is not correct. The northern flying squirrel is found farther south than the Frontenac Arch. In Ontario, the […]

ON Nature Magazine Summer 2007

ON Nature Magazine Summer 2007

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue Time to reconsider our baggage. By Victoria Foote 8 | Earth Watch Tiny water flea takes over Muskoka lakes; species-friendly roadwork; logging with a conscience; Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust added 25 hectares; climate watch. 16 | Profile For three decades, aerial photographer Lou Wise has been snapping his unique […]