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Slide Towards Sameness

Garlic mustard

“Some experts argue that our attitudes towards non-native species echo xenophobia. Should non-native species be considered less ecologically valuable than native species?”   Absolutely don’t agree! – Shirley Baumgartner If they are ousting native species, then they should go. – Nancy Miles I don’t know enough as an expert or even someone more learned about […]

Adaptive behaviour

Re: “Deadwood forest” [Autumn 2006] The print and broadcast coverage of this spring’s garlic mustard story was disheartening, to say the least. Dawn Bazely, a York University biologist and an expert on invasive plants, has been keeping a close eye on garlic mustard for more than a decade, watching as it marches inland from the […]

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2006

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2006

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue Fine dining: Eat what you grow. By Victoria Foote 8 | Earth Watch Development pushes endangered caribou further north; garlic mustard pushes trees out; eco-tourism outfit pushes back. 15 | Profile The Quiet Passion: With much patience and fortitude, Kathy Nihei of the Wild Bird Care Centre has nursed countless […]