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Spider Guide

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Spiders live among us in almost every conceivable habitat. More than 800 species of spiders in Ontario, very few of which are dangerous to people. Yet almost a third of Canadians are afraid of spiders. Learning about these creatures helps mitigate that fear. Spiders play a key role in the food web and are an important food source for other animals including songbirds, fish and salamanders.

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2007

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2007

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue Sneak Preview: The state of Ontario’s birds. By Victoria Foote 8 | Earth Watch Spectacular coastline to be protected; driving through the forest; peregrine falcons face new threat; house cats threaten birds; Ontario Nature’s Eco-Tour. 16 | Profile Environmental crusader Kaid Benfield marries green buildings to smart design and an […]