5 | This issue
Paper Makers: Who says we need trees?
By Victoria Foote

8 | Earth Watch
Why the snake won’t cross the road; diamonds in the far, far north; the sprawl crawl.

28 | Urban Nature
To many, it’s just lichen. To those who know, this strange hybrid of fungi and algae is a superb smog detector.
By Sharon Oosthoek

30 | Field Trip
Life After Death: When a tree falls in the forest, life begins anew.
By Dan Schneider and Peter Paulter

35 | Inside Ontario Nature
Conservation award winners: Ontario Nature goes to the Greenbelt Council; fall regional meetings.

38 | Last Word
In 2003, Ontario industries committed nearly 300 air pollution violations. Charges laid? Zero.
By Elaine MacDonald


14 | Due South
Many of Ontario’s rarest birds migrate to Nicaragua for the winter. Dedicated ornithologists are just beginning to discover what happens next.
By Ted Cheskey

On the cover
18 | The Future of Paper
Forests continue to be logged to satisfy our increasing demand, but maybe we don’t need trees to make paper after all. Exploring the alternatives.
By Katherine Balpataky

24 | The (Other) Green Party
A growing number of people are spending their vacations volunteering for environmental causes, enjoying the camaraderie and saving the planet one small project at a time.
By Boyd Erman

Photos © Robert McCaw, Andrew McLachian

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