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A Breath of Fresh Air

I was happy to see the cover of the Spring 2021 ON Nature issue, as well as the article discussing lack of equity and unequal access to Ontario’s natural spaces. These are important and complex issues and addressing them is a step in the right direction. Thank you! – Raphaël Beaulieu, Toronto

Spring 2021

38 | Last Word Ontario’s “Zombie Highway” is Back. By Tim Gray 36 | Our Community   Voices of Ontario Nature members. By Chris Robinson, Ann Atkinson and Spencer Burton 35 |Our Member Groups  Fighting for Lake Simcoe. By Lisa Richardson ON Nature magazine is an award-winning quarterly that brings readers closer to nature by exploring […]

Winter 2020

ON Nature Magazine Winter 2020 Issue

38 | Last Word When the going gets tough… By Anne Bell 36 | Our Community   Welcome to the Gananoque Lake Nature Reserve. By Caroline Schultz 35 |Our Member Groups  A nature experience for all. By Lisa Richardson ON Nature magazine is an award-winning quarterly that brings readers closer to nature by exploring Ontario’s natural […]

Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID

machinery and human impact VS nature

I just read Victor Doyle’s opinion piece on “Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID” (page 38, ON Nature, Fall 2020) and found it important and revealing. I am former land use planner myself. Although a short piece, it’s clear that he has revealed what many of us either knew, or suspected – that the current COVID-19 crisis presents a “public distraction” […]

Crayfish Guide

Calico crayfish

Did you know that Ontario has nine species of crayfish? Elusive and all too often overlooked, these fascinating creatures can tell us a lot about what is happening in our aquatic ecosystems. These beautiful guides assist the study of crayfish in the field, highlighting the unique characteristics of each species.

Drowning in Plastic

Lake Ontario plastic pollution

Reader responses to: “Approximately only 8% of plastics are recycled in Ontario. The remaining plastic waste inevitably ends up in landfills or in the natural environment. Who should be responsible for tackling plastic pollution, consumers, the government, or corporations?” Corporations – that made plastic products and reaped the profits – should be held responsible for […]

Biodiversity Offsets: A Game-Changer

Shorebird, wading bird and waterfowl diversity, Cranberry Marsh, September 2020

Reader responses to: “Novel business plan: Companies can earn their social licence to operate by creating new habitat.”   It’s a great idea, but not a fast-enough solution. It takes several years for a habitat to recover and become sustainable. Then there’s the time required for all the flora and fauna to return to normal. […]

Nature’s Slide Towards Sameness

Garlic mustard

“Some experts argue that our attitudes towards non-native species echo xenophobia. Should non-native species be considered less ecologically valuable than native species?”   Absolutely don’t agree! – Shirley Baumgartner If they are ousting native species, then they should go. – Nancy Miles I don’t know enough as an expert or even someone more learned about […]

Death By The Numbers

Feral domestic cat in Toronto

Re: Death by the numbers, ON Nature Winter 2013 One of my social websites carried a petition against South Stormont Township, attacking a “Cat By-law”  and claiming to have already more than 12,000 signatures. They seem to especially want people to keep feeding feral cats. I am an old guy, a nature lover; supporter of several environmental […]

Owl Magazine and Poetry

Georgian Bay © 2020 Kristina J. Loevenmark

When I read on your website timeline that you were responsible for changing Young Naturalist to Owl Magazine – I just had to get in touch! As a child in the 1070’s I was a subscriber to Owl for years and loved it (Who didn’t love the Mighty Mites?)!! In a time with no Internet and only two TV […]

Frog and Toad Guide

Northern leopard frog

Ontario is home to 12 species of frogs including two types of toads! Did you know that the wood frog can be found on the tundra in the north as well as in southern woodlands?

Check out our comprehensive field guide about Ontario’s frogs and turtles including descriptions, habitat, biology, threats and trends, range maps, and status and protection.

Salamander Guide

Red-backed salamander

Ontario is home to 12 species of salamanders. Did you know that spotted salamanders breed in early spring, often while there is still ice on ponds?

Check out our comprehensive field guide about Ontario’s salamanders including descriptions, habitat, biology, threats and trends, range maps, and status and protection.

Lizard Guide

Five-lined skink

The five-lined skink is Ontario’s only native species of lizard. Did you know that only young skinks have blue tails, older male and female skinks have more uniform bronze tails?

Check out our comprehensive field guide about the five-lined skink including descriptions, habitat, biology, threats and trends, range maps, and status and protection.

Snake Guide

Queensnake, endangered

Ontario is home to 17 species of snakes. The more you learn about these reptiles, the more you’ll be fascinated by their diversity. Did you know that smooth greensnakes are insectivores, they primarily eat insects, and that eastern gartersnakes can be found as far north as James Bay?

Check out our comprehensive field guide about Ontario’s snakes including descriptions, habitat, biology, threats and trends, range maps, and status and protection.

A Healing Harvest

Re: “A Healing Harvest” [Summer 2020] I was particularly interested in “A Healing Harvest” by Cecily Ross in the Summer, 2020 edition of ON Nature magazine. The term “regenerative agriculture” rang a bell with me. I’ve been listening to Fiber Shed’s “Regenerating Our Textile Systems Course” from California and learning a little bit about regenerative agriculture. The Fiber Shed […]

Fall 2020

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue The case for protected places.By Caroline Schultz 7 | Earth Watch Youth Summit goes virtual, Bog at risk, Land-use policy news, Photo contest winners And more… 38 | Last Word Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID By Victor Doyle 37 | Our Community   Awards Celebrate Nature Heroes By Anna Dipple 36 |Our […]

Summer 2020

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue A new normal.By Caroline Schultz 7 | Earth Watch Great Lakes Guide, Nature reserve restoration, Bear hunt resumes, New fish in Junction Creek And more… 38 | Last Word Nature’s slide toward sameness. By Rachel Plotkin 37 | Our Community   Revitalizing our relationship with Mother Earth. By Kirsten Dahl 36 […]

Turtle Guide

Blanding's turtle

Turtles, often referred to as modern day dinosaurs, with their distinctive domed, bony shell, are easy to recognize. Ontario has eight species of turtles and our online field guide covers them all.

Check out our comprehensive field guide about Ontario’s reptiles and amphibians including descriptions, habitat, biology, threats and trends, range maps, and status and protection. Reptiles and amphibians are experiencing global declines of 20 and 40 percent respectively. In Ontario, 75 percent of reptiles and 35 percent of amphibians are listed as nationally and provincially at risk.

Double Green Trillium

Double green trillium, Peterborough

Re: “Woodland Wonders” [Spring 2020] I’ve enjoyed the magazine for many years now and particularly liked the feature on trilliums in the Spring 2020 issue. It brought back memories of many trips to Trillium Woods Provincial Park near Sweaburg. I decided to share a photo of what appears to be a double green trillium. It was […]

Woodland Wonders

Double trillium flower

Re: “Woodland Wonders” [Spring 2020] I really enjoyed the latest issue. A lovely article for sure. Brian Carson seems like a gentle giant and very interesting fellow. On one hand I appreciate the work he is doing – trying to “save” rare species of Trillium. On the other, I’m concerned about his separating and hand […]

Black ash

Black ash

Re: A Tree Woven Through Culture Correction: On page 18/19 of the spring 2020 magazine we mistakenly placed a black walnut tree (below) in the article about black ash trees. We have corrected the digital version of the magazine (with the spread above) and regret the error.

Can Ranavirus Be Stopped?

snapping turtle

Re: “Can Ranavirus be Stopped?” [Spring 2020] Thanks for a lovely issue. The article on Ranavirus found in Cheldyra serpentina is interesting, but even if you are working on developing a baseline with current data, like with the Coronavirus, there is very little testing so it is nearly impossible to know the scope of its effect on the C. […]

ON Nature Magazine Spring 2020

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue The path forward.By Caroline Schultz 7 | Earth Watch Mushroom workshops, Fighting phragmites, A new breeding bird atlas, Protecting the Holland Marsh And more… 38 | Last Word Where is the political will to protect habitat? By Julee Boan and Rachel Plotkin 37 | Our Community   Citizens save a wetland. […]

Nature Notes

Black bear

These four-page resources are geared to kids aged 10 to 12. Read about black bears, woodland caribou, invasive species, Ontario parks, the boreal forest, foxes, wetlands, racoons and so much more. Through these profiles you will connect with Ontario’s wild species and wild spaces, and learn about critical conservation issues.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor featured image

Please send letters by email to onnature@ontarionature.org or by mail c/o Editor, and include your full name, address and phone number. You can also submit your thoughts on social media by tagging us.  Letters should be 75 words or less and they may be edited for length and clarity.

Monarch Butterfly Effect

Monarch Butterfly illustration

Re: “The Monarch Butterfly Effect” [Winter 2019] About 33 percent of Monarch Watch recoveries in Mexico are from reared monarchs. Lab rearing conditions (12 hours replicating day and night, 27 C constant temperatures) failed to provide environmental cues that lead to reproductive diapause or migration. Induction of a non-reproductive state and migration is complicated and […]

Blue Frogs

Blue frog

Re: “Do Green Frogs Get The Blues?” Hello: I have enjoyed yet another edition of Ontario Nature magazine.  The article on page 13 “Do Green Frogs Get The Blues?” was especially appealing as the property we listed in your magazine’s spring edition did indeed have a blue frog on it. Refer to my website: pbase.com/snorkelady/image/170206425. Thank you […]

Seasons Magazine Winter 1995

Seasons Magazine Winter 1995

DEPARTMENTS 8 | Earth Watch Calling a halt to the spring bear hunt; Bats only—no gate-crashers allowed; voice of support for the escarpment plan; sustainable-forest plan tested; a chance to protect roadless wilderness; Canada and Mexico protect monarchs; J. Murray Speirs Ecological Reserve is created; update on Presqu’ile plan. 42 | Insider Introducing Eco-net; Petrel […]

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1995

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1995

DEPARTMENTS 7 | Earth Watch Lead shot banned for waterfowl hunting; can Quetico’s wilderness survive?; forest management; Temagami: five lost years; the Morris Tract: a jewel in our midst. 27 | Birder’s Notebook Were they just quiet today? By Ted Cheskey 35 | Insider New structure for FON council; conference report. FEATURES 14 | Presqu’ile […]

Seasons Magazine Summer 1995

Seasons Magazine Summer 1995

DEPARTMENTS 7 | Earth Watch Ontario expands Wabakimi Park to 900,000 hectares; Parks Ontario: putting the pieces back together; wolf/coyote report is seriously flawed; Ontario’s proposed new Endangered Species Act dies. 36 | Insider Unauthorized fire set at Pelee Reserve; caring for our nature reserves; rare-bird reports now available. 38 | Election Special With the […]

Seasons Magazine Spring 1995

Seasons Magazine Spring 1995

DEPARTMENTS 9 | Earth Watch Westside Marsh: Wetland or quarry?; subdivision threatens Lynde Marsh; still no final word on Wabakimi; 404 extension: road going nowhere?; still timber, not forest, management; Algonquin timber plan revisited. 40 | Insider Eagerly awaiting our first easement; invasive species brochure in the works. 43 | Birder’s Notebook Stalking the elusive […]

Seasons Magazine Winter 1998

Seasons Magazine Winter 1998

DEPARTMENTS 5 | In This Issue  The stories stones tell.By Victoria Foote 6 | EarthwatchRouge Valley victory short lived; Lake Erie too clean; lack of legislation leaves species at risk. 14 | Letters  17 | This Season  Gary and Joanie McGuffin go on the adventure of a lifetime, again and again.By Margaret Carney 36 | Insider  Behind the […]

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1998

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1998

DEPARTMENTS 5 | In This IssueJohn Muir shows us the way.By Stephan Fuller 6 | EarthwatchVictoria Point victory; tampering with the science education curriculum; the regeneration of a savannah. 14 | Letters  17 | This Season  Uber-birders Mike Runtz and Bruce Di Labio go head to head in the Taverner Cup.By Jeff Harrison 36 | Insider  Behind […]

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2019

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2019

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue A vote for nature. By Caroline Schultz 7 | Earth Watch Tree planting program saved, How to photograph a bumble bee, Wetland protection in Ontario, Photo contest winner unveiled, and more… 36 |Our Member Groups Soaring into the fall. By Noah Cole 37 | Our Community Wetland gift creates a […]

Neonic Lawsuit Ruling

Neonic Lawsuit Ruling

Re: The Disappointing Decision on the Neonic Lawsuit To the Editor of ON Nature, Further to Anne Bell’s Neonic lawsuit article, the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation has monitored the use of pesticides applied by seven golf courses in the Collingwood area for over 10 years. The area golf courses are using Class 9 Pesticides […]

Norway Maples

Norway Maples

Re: The Leafy Viking I read your article regarding Norway maple trees with interest. I am very interested in preserving our native caterpillar populations and support planting native tree species. To that end I have planted two paper birch trees, a swamp willow, a striped maple and a tamarack on my residential property. I also […]