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Bat Guide

Bat Guide Cover

As the only flying mammals in the world, bats can make an impressive claim to fame. Eight species of these nocturnal creatures live in Ontario – five of which are hibernate in caves and mines and are being decimated by white-nose syndrome. Agile and predatory, bats are capable of extremely sophisticated bio-sonar. While not widely beloved, bats play a vital part of the ecosystem. Not to mention that by consuming myriad moths and other flying insects, bats help to protect us and agricultural fields from many pests.

Snake Guide

Queensnake, endangered

Ontario is home to 17 species of snakes. The more you learn about these reptiles, the more you’ll be fascinated by their diversity. Did you know that smooth greensnakes are insectivores, they primarily eat insects, and that eastern gartersnakes can be found as far north as James Bay?

Check out our comprehensive field guide about Ontario’s snakes including descriptions, habitat, biology, threats and trends, range maps, and status and protection.

Seasons Magazine Autumn 2002

Seasons Magazine Autumn 2002

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