5 | View from Locke House
Front porch wildlife viewing: Wildlife watching at home has its own rewards.
By Nancy Clark

8 | Earth Watch
Ontario Living Legacy parks; protecting Lake Superior’s waters; monarchs will recover from Mexican freeze; what’s a tree worth.

13 | The Seasoned Pro
For the love of turtles: Biologist Scott Gillingwater saves endangered reptiles from hungry predators.
By Matthew Barron

38 | Field Trip
Mighty mice: Is that a mouse, a vole or a rat?
By Nancy Clark

41 | Day One
Orienteering: Finding your way in the woods or even a park city.
By Nancy Clark

44 | FON Report
Over 800 attend FON conference; conservation award winners.

46 | Endpoint
Will Ernie Eves deliver on his clean water promises?
By Linda Pim


On the cover
16 | To Catch a Bird
Watching fall’s flight at Superior’s Thunder Cape Observatory.
By Moira Farr

22 | Eyed
Winners of Seasons’ 2002 nature photo contest – plus eight basic tips for taking better photos.

26 | Guiding Principals
Our guide to some of the newest guidebooks for naturalists – plus the best bird field guides to use.
By Sharon Oosthoek

28 | Testing the Waters
Between Dryden and Kenora lies the internationally renowned Experimental Lakes Area. Just what kind of research goes on there?
By Jake MacDonald

Seasons autumn 2002 full issue

Photos © Joshua Hakin, Tom Thomson, Robert McCaw

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