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Seasons Magazine Spring 1980

Seasons Magazine Spring 1980

DEPARTMENTS 4 | Earth Watch Zoo conference predicts bleak future; Killarney study nears end; cattails cleanse sewage, INCO wants to dam the Spanish River; spills bill sabotaged; wilderness American style; Kakabeka game found illegal; finding a home for liquid wastes; Dundas Elm saved; rights for the environment; hike Ontario; info on acid rain; a master […]

Ontario Naturalist Magazine December 197...

Ontario Naturalist Magazine December 1970

4 | A Visit to a Great Grey Owl Nest By Robert W. Nero 8 | Neo-Nationalism and Ecological Independence By John A. Livingston 14 | Conservation Authorities in the Next Decade By James D. McCowan 17 | Fauna Borealis By Paul Geraghty 25 | Federation Footnotes Special pollution committee; report on pesticides sounds alarms; […]