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Minesing Wetlands

Minesing Wetlands, Joe-Pye weed, pink flowers, escarpment, wetland, thickets

Having lived near the Nottawasaga River for the last decade and witnessing all the changes taking place with development in the area, I feel it’s extremely important to protect these incredibly sensitive natural habitats. We only get one chance at this. Once those habitats are gone, they are gone for good. – Lisa Jasiurkowski

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1998

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1998

DEPARTMENTS 5 | In This IssueJohn Muir shows us the way.By Stephan Fuller 6 | EarthwatchVictoria Point victory; tampering with the science education curriculum; the regeneration of a savannah. 14 | Letters  17 | This Season  Uber-birders Mike Runtz and Bruce Di Labio go head to head in the Taverner Cup.By Jeff Harrison 36 | Insider  Behind […]