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Invasive Damages

Zebra mussels, invasive species

RE: The War on Invasive Species I was very disappointed in the article The War on Invasive Species, Last Word by By Conor Mihell in the current issue of the magazine (Winter 2023). Actually, I thought (hope) it was there to start discussion, not because it was really a serious approach to the topic. There […]

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor featured image

Please send letters by email to onnature@ontarionature.org or by mail c/o Editor, and include your full name, address and phone number. You can also submit your thoughts on social media by tagging us.  Letters should be 75 words or less and they may be edited for length and clarity.

Monarch Butterfly Effect

Monarch Butterfly illustration

Re: “The Monarch Butterfly Effect” [Winter 2019] About 33 percent of Monarch Watch recoveries in Mexico are from reared monarchs. Lab rearing conditions (12 hours replicating day and night, 27 C constant temperatures) failed to provide environmental cues that lead to reproductive diapause or migration. Induction of a non-reproductive state and migration is complicated and […]

Second Reply to Dr. Foster

Sea lamprey

Re: “Letters – a rebuttal to a Randy Eshenroder’s May 17th sea lamprey letter”, Re: “Letters – Reply to Dr. Foster RE: sea lampreys“, Re: “Rethinking sea lamprey control” (Earth Watch, Spring 2016) This is my second reply to Dr. Foster concerning his proposal to experimentally cut back on sea lamprey control in Lake Superior […]


Plastic litter and plastic debris along Woodbine Beach

It came as no surprise to me that smoking detritus topped “Canada’s Dirty Dozen,” the littering list featured in Janice Weaver’s “The Beachcombers” [Autumn 2007]. I have been observing the sneaky little habits of smokers since the sixties and long ago concluded that smoking is like a PhD course in littering. Smokers not only rationalize […]