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Bat Guide

Bat Guide Cover

As the only flying mammals in the world, bats can make an impressive claim to fame. Eight species of these nocturnal creatures live in Ontario – five of which are hibernate in caves and mines and are being decimated by white-nose syndrome. Agile and predatory, bats are capable of extremely sophisticated bio-sonar. While not widely beloved, bats play a vital part of the ecosystem.

Seasons Magazine Winter 1996

Seasons Magazine Winter 1996

DEPARTMENTS 8 | Earth Watch Stalled guidelines hurt Ontario’s caribou; just published: FON’s guide to forest management; international spotlight aimed at Temagami; bald eagles number up, loggerhead shrikes down; our last chance for roadless wilderness; nonprofit corporation to hold forestry licence in Muskoka; new rules apply to forest management. 35 | Insider FON open house […]