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Can Ranavirus Be Stopped?

snapping turtle

Re: “Can Ranavirus be Stopped?” [Spring 2020] Thanks for a lovely issue. The article on Ranavirus found in Cheldyra serpentina is interesting, but even if you are working on developing a baseline with current data, like with the Coronavirus, there is very little testing so it is nearly impossible to know the scope of its effect on the C. […]

Seasons Magazine Winter 1983

Seasons Magazine Winter 1983

DEPARTMENTS 5 | Earth Watch Refuge sought for Beluga whale; herbicides get green light in court; park boundary can’t keep out acid rain; swallows flock to Pembroke; escarpment fate awaits new minister; compromise on parks sinking in; naturalists lose Alfred Bog hearing; Environment Minister charges polluters; forestry undergoes assessment; information on terns wanted by Wildlife […]