5 | Earth Watch
Refuge sought for Beluga whale; herbicides get green light in court; park boundary can’t keep out acid rain; swallows flock to Pembroke; escarpment fate awaits new minister; compromise on parks sinking in; naturalists lose Alfred Bog hearing; Environment Minister charges polluters; forestry undergoes assessment; information on terns wanted by Wildlife Service.

62 | Groundswell
Environmental Assessment: Keeping the promise.
By Arlin Hackman


On the cover
14 | A Treasure House of Nature
Introduction to this special issue of Seasons on the Royal Ontario Museum.
By David Barr

18 | Legacy of a Lake
Through fossil pollen analysis, Crawford Lake has bequeathed knowledge of our past.
By Elaine Jaques

23 | In Search of a Tusked Giant
Unearthing the skeleton remains of mammoths and mastodons that once roamed Ontario.
By Arlene Reiss

25 | The Rocky Road to the Present
The rocky road in question is the fossil record in rocks of the earliest animals.
By David Rudkin

28 | Nature of Display
Natural history displays and dioramas that catch the eye and boggle the mind.
By Peter Buerschaper

32 | Natural History on Parade
A guided tour through the Life Sciences galleries where nature struts her stuff.
By Elaine Jaques

35 | Using the Museum
How the naturalist can get the most out of what the museum offers freely to the public.
By Elaine Jaques & David Barr

36 | Big Game and Bats
ROM boasts the definitive bat collection in the world, and an array of other mammals.
By J. David Taylor

40 | Float Like a Butterfly
The creature here is a freshwater jellyfish, and yes, it can be found in Ontario’s waters.
By Dale R. Calder

42 | Insect Frontiers in Canada’s North
The Yukon isn’t such an unlikely place as it seems for entomological research.
By Rein Jaagumagi

46 | A Bird in the Hand
Research in ornithology ranges from a local scale to encompass the whole world.
By J. David Taylor

50 | A New ‘Bug’ for Frogs & Fishes
Electronic surveillance of out fishes and amphibians is a new ROM research project.
By E.J. Crossman

ON Nature Magazine Winter 1983 cover

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