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Seasons Magazine Autumn 1988

Seasons Magazine Autumn 1988

DEPARTMENTS 2 | President’s Page By Doug Thomas 6 | Earth Watch Bat “control” stopped—Ontario to ban last permitted use of DDT; Lake Huron ANSI defaced; Bruce Township to prohibit removal of wildflowers; wildlife conference sets new direction; pole-trapping at a federal migratory bird sanctuary; common loon new provincial bird? 12 | Around Ontario Rouge […]

Ontario Naturalist Magazine September 19...

Ontario Naturalist Magazine September 1973

4 | Ontario’s Northern Peatlands By John Sparling 10 | Presidential Address 1973 By John A. Livingston 13 | Ant Clouds By David Barr 20 | Impressions of The Arctic By Nan Wilkes 26 | Decision-Making: What Choices? By L.D. Almack 32 | Death of a Legislative Fossil: Ontario’s Wolf and Coyote Bounty By John […]