2 | President’s Page
By Doug Thomas

6 | Earth Watch
Bat “control” stopped—Ontario to ban last permitted use of DDT; Lake Huron ANSI defaced; Bruce Township to prohibit removal of wildflowers; wildlife conference sets new direction; pole-trapping at a federal migratory bird sanctuary; common loon new provincial bird?

12 | Around Ontario
Rouge Valley: more inane proposals; naturalists rally to save O-Kee-Lee; Kingston Club protects habitat; Muskoka tern colony disturbed.

41 | Annual Conference
FON’s 57th Annual Conference, held in Guelph.

46 | Groundswell
Degradable plastic can reduce litter and injury to wildlife.
By Marion Strebig and Chris McGuckin


14 | Cracking Down on Bounties
Municipalities that continue to pay wolf bounties are breaking the law. Why aren’t they being charged?
By R.D. Lawrence

On the cover
20 | Alfred Bog: The price of Preservation
This success story will give hope to all who soldier on, looking for a breakthrough in other seemingly hopeless causes.
By Ron Reid

26 | Photo Firsts
Presenting the winning photographs of the 1988 FON Photo Salon, plus photographers’ description of how they got their best shot.

30 | The Birds of Christmans
A 12-year veteran of the Christmas Bird Count portrays Count day in Westport, Ontario.
By Peri McQuay

Seasons autumn 1988 full issue

Photos © Thom Sunega, John Fowler, George McLean

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